Mission: Inspiration and Motivation

One of the important things about this blog that I’ve failed to address is what’s the point? At first I thought the purpose was simply to document the everyday happenings in my life but now I’m realizing that there needs to be something more.
At this point in time I think the purpose is simply to find my voice. I’ve always liked the idea of blogging and sharing my thoughts with the world but I often find myself questioning if anyone will find anything that I write worth reading.
But the next issue of writing is always to find a topic to write about. I guess right now my main goal is to create a place that I can go to for inspiration and motivation.
I found my first bunch of entries to be okay and it looks like I got quite a bit of page views. Probably moreso because I was reviewing popular movies.  I digress … which I tend to do a lot.
So the goal here is motivation and inspiration.


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