5 Ways that Babies are like Birds

  1. Birds can be potty trained.  Infants can be potty trained.
  2. A tired bird is a cranky bird.  A tired baby is a cranky baby.
  3. Birds don’t eat very much.  Babies don’t eat very much.  (relative to adults)  So I’ve found the OXO Tot Blocks to be great for storing/freezing/reheating food after it is made in bulk.  Having a baby(ies) and/or bird(s) is like having a zoo.  It’s nice having 2 birds and a baby because in some cases they can eat the same food (like pureed vegetables)
  4. Sometimes birds just don’t want to come out and play.  Sometimes babies just don’t want to play with YOU.
  5. When the birds don’t get enough love they cry/scream for attention.  When a baby doesn’t get enough cuddles they also cry/scream for attention.


Was reviewing my old posts. Pretty disappointing that for a daily journal started in 2011? There was only about 20 posts. How hard is it to write at least a sentence per day. Apparently pretty hard.
And right now I’m cheating because I’m trying to set up a bunch of posts in hopes that it will help me stay ahead and post something daily.

Also just noticed that the idea of a one sentence journal originated from the happiness project which was referenced in the original link. So funny that I only looked into the happiness project now. And I only noticed it because a friend liked it on facebook and it caught my eye.

Maybe this time around I’ll be more successful.

PBN Hawaii’s Fastest 50

Congrats to Island Slipper
for making Pacific Business News Hawaii’s Fastest 50 again.

The keynote speaker today was Mike Irish, owner of Halm’s Enterprises.

A few key notes from his speech:

  1. when starting up a business find a good banker, someone around your age that has similar extracurricular interests and form a partnership
  2. instead of fighting your competitors, work with them to better your industry
  3. being a good manager is equivalent to being a good parent because you must cultivate and grow your employees no different than you would your own children

My reflection:

  1. I grew up thinking that I never wanted to get into debt but I have grown to understand that debt that can cash flow is good debt so now I can see why having a good relationship with your banker is critical to starting and growing a business.
    After reading a lot of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books and researching investing and how to earn passive income I know that this is something I want to achieve but I’m not entirely sure about how to go about doing it.  Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. This reminded me of the phrase “give more, get more” and it makes perfect sense.  Besides, competition is a good thing; keeps you on your toes and encourages improvement to stay ahead.
    In particular I really liked Mike’s example of how all of his employees, when stocking shelves, are required to make the entire shelf look nice not just the Halm’s products because if the entire shelf looks good then customers will be attracted to buy the product but if it looks bad then customers may walk away.
  3. Even though I have just become a parent, I can not agree with this more.  I have always greatly respected my mother for sacrificing her career to raise us four kids and my father for working so hard to provide for us four kids but I never recognized or realized the parallels between raising a family and managing a team in the workplace.  Maybe a future topic?

Catching up

“Great things are not done on impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

-Vincent van Gogh

We’ve relocated.

We had a bouncing baby boy.

Now I’m catching up.  A lot happens in a year.